Remote working, flexible hours, and reliance on technology have become commonplace. People have been empowered to work in a way that suits them, but so far this has been limited to hours rather than actual ways of working. 

But as yet, laptops haven’t adapted in the same way. We’re still tethered to our desks, or more often our kitchen tables. The time has come for a laptop that enables mobility and gives a changing workforce what it needs.

We’ve seen the power of mobile devices and their ability to deliver true flexibility—now it’s the turn of the laptop.

Computing Challenge

There’s a sea of sameness in the world of business laptops, with many offering the same hardware but under a different badge

These devices haven’t adapted to the new world of work. And they’re not always equipped to bridge the gap to industry 4.0. Many are clunky, require a multitude of cables and struggle to connect with wider business systems. They can sometimes be more of a hindrance than help to maximising productivity. 

Computing Opportunity

Gone are the days of everyone working to the same prescribed formula.

Flexible working enables employees to work in a way that best suits them. Therefore, their computing device needs to be able to adapt to multiple needs and ways of working. Samsung has developed a range of computing devices built upon its mobile heritage and expertise to meet the demands of a new world of work. Designed with thin and light hardware, they enable users to connect anywhere and with anything— delivering true business mobility.

A computing range built on our market leading mobile heritage.
The right tool for the job.
Work how and where you want.
Feel supported to work anywhere you need.

Why Samsung?

In the new world of work, employees need robust computers that help them adapt to different ways of working. Our latest range is built on Samsung hardware and manufactured to ensure the highest levels of quality. We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt from our bestselling mobile devices and integrated it into our computing range. Thin and light mobile computing boasts Wi-Fi 6E connectivity plus stunningly clear AMOLED displays. 

All our laptop devices work seamlessly with the wider Samsung ecosystem of products i.e., our phones, second screen, or pairing with Samsung Galaxy Buds with ease.

Computing Range

Designed to be your anywhere office, the laptops combine high performance with astounding displays that are clearly visible inside or out. The computing for business range offers faster connectivity with both Wi-Fi and 4G compatibility. Plus, our partnership with both Microsoft and Google has enabled us to create devices that can do so much to help you stay productive on the move.


Sometimes the job requires something a little extra.

Samsung computing accessories enable our computing range to adapt to whatever task you need to complete. We’ve worked closely with our trusted partners to bring best-in-class accessories that are specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy Book and Chromebook devices—from multiport adapter (additional ports), travel adapters to a Bluetooth mouse and protective cases.


Today’s workforce needs to always be connected and able to use the right tools for the job. 

Our computing range connects seamlessly with the wider Samsung Galaxy ecosystem of products to enable you to work how you want, wherever you want—boosting productivity and adapting to the new hybrid working lifestyle. 

Switch with ease between your phone and your Samsung Galaxy Book or Samsung Chromebook. Add a monitor* or use your Tab S7 as a second screen for an extended display. Plus, you can use your S Pen to send notes directly to your device.

 No need to carry multiple wires, our Galaxy Books have a compact USB-C charger that can be used to charge any compatible Samsung device, such as your phone, tablet, or Samsung Galaxy Buds.

*Wireless Display capable Windows 10 PC models and Windows 10 2004 or later version are required for this new feature. (Windows update: September 2020 or later) Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ to support this feature. For Samsung Chromebook. USB-C to HDMI adapter or a USB-C monitor is required


Digital mobility is essential for businesses now more than ever—and they need to feel supported without interruption. With Samsung’s dedicated UK-based free Business Service Centre, you get unlimited technical support—offering partners and customer IT departments help with hardware, software or integration with 3rd party tools. And now, your business can get support to make the most of our new computing range. 

Rest assured that all our Galaxy Books come with 3 years manufacturer warranty* and Samsung Chromebooks come with our 12 months** manufacturer warranty. Plus, we’ll pick up faulty devices, repair and return to the user as soon as possible to avoid interruptions in productivity. 

You can also opt for 3 years Enhanced Service***, providing Next Business Day replacement device with Doorstep Exchange and annual Knox health checks to ensure everything is working correctly. 

Enhanced Service can also be extended to 4 or 5 years giving you long-term return on investment.

*3 year warranty applies for Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book.
** Warranty applies from purchase date.
*** Additional license for this service applies. Feature only available for Chromebook devices but is not yet covered for Galaxy Book devices

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