Protecting all mobile devices against breakage

MOBILIS® permanent solutions protect tablets, smartphones, hybrid PCs and data-entry terminals against the risk of breakages during transport but especially when in use.
With 27 years of experience, today, MOBILIS® is a key partner in physically protecting all your mobile IT devices.

The company was founded in 1993 by François Picot and Gérald Truffier-Blanc based on the radically innovative idea to create the very first permanent protective case for laptop computers, which would be as effective when in use as when travelling. Our anti-breakage solutions soon became essential for professionals working in all kinds of industries, as well as for our private customers.

In designing the most adapted and high-performing protective solutions available on the market, MOBILIS® has become an international group but still offering that personal touch. Today, our 5 distribution subsidiaries sell our products and solutions in over thirty countries.

This sustainable success is all based on their mastery of product development and manufacturing, with a team of 8 designers, a factory in France and strong partnerships with the very best global manufacturers, all specialists in their own areas.

They design, manufacture and sell solutions to protect and transport all types of mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, hybrid PCs, laptop computers, data-entry terminals and more.
Their product ranges meet your every need, providing: Protective cases / Screen protectors / Computer baggage (backpacks, briefcases, protective covers, trolleys, holsters) / Privacy filters / Safety cables.
MOBILIS® also develops bespoke solutions tailored even to our customers’ most stringent requirements.
This wide range of solutions, alongside their industry expertise, helps them to provide the most efficient responses to all kinds of needs from companies, computer equipment manufacturers, distributors and private customers.

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