Secure, Managed, Network as a Service (NaaS)

Qolcom offers organisations turnkey IT network management services delivered with a pay-as-you-go model. This allows organisations to move from a CAPEX model to a more predictable service experience and an OPEX-based consumption model.

As organisations look for more efficient ways to utilise IT resources to meet growing mobile, BYOD and IoT expectations, many are opting to outsource their applications, security and networking needs.

Cloud managed networks allow organisations with limited internal IT resources or know how to offload the deployment, management and monitoring of their network to Qolcom.

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NaaS Advantages

With the move to more flexible pay as you go cloud-based services, you can get:

  • Peace of mind by lowering your risk of business disruptions and time to problem resolution.
  • Better quality of service for critical business applications that rely on network performance and connectivity and are crucial for the continuity of your business operations.
  • Time and resources back to focus on core competencies and business outcomes that are critical for your growth while also reducing your operational costs.
  • A consumption model that provides flexibility and predictability.
  • A way to keep pace as your business needs change.

Our Network Capabilities

Qolcom can simplify your network operations using Cloud based Network Management Platform capabilities and zero-touch setup, centralised management of APs, switches & SD-WAN Gateways, historical data reporting, PCI compliance, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Network Overview and Reporting

Using a single dashboard, Qolcom can monitor and observe trends on your network. This allows for faster reactive support by quickly isolating problems through simple workflows, granular detail and extensive search. Network management data is securely stored to create reports containing historical data which can be provided as needed.

Simplified Provisioning

Qolcom can simplify network set up and offload IT resources by directly shipping APs, Switches & SDWAN Gateways to your sites where a nontechnical person can simply unpack, power up and they would then receive their configuration automatically over the Internet.

Maintenance and Firmware Management

Qolcom can streamline and automate your network management while maintaining complete control of fully tested updates. We can perform oneclick firmware updates or schedule specific updates, manage user accounts with different levels of access and simplify firmware management and configuration.

Flexible and simple payment process

Take the simplicity of Qolcom’s Network as a Service solution even further. You can choose your preferred configuration of infrastructure, software and services. Complete a short, easy agreement and pay a predictable monthly subscription fee for a complete solution. Avoid the hassle of ownership. You choose the term and at the end, return it and subscribe to a new solution.