Partnering to help you work wonders

As a business, you might be rethinking how you work, when you work or where you work. It goes without saying that these are big challenges, but with the right technology, you can make it happen.

You need more than just the right devices, though. Your business also needs security, flexibility and support. Not everyone can offer that—but together, Samsung and Android can. Through our best-in-class hardware and the Android operating system—the most popular platform for business—we can deliver it all. We’ll help your people work more securely, efficiently and flexibly from anywhere. And we’ll make it all easier to manage, too.

Did you know?

Android has the most devices and users in the mobile OS business market.

Android Users 79%

Non-Android Users 21%

Partnering to keep you secure

Together, Samsung and Android provide complete protection for your business across both hardware and software

Galaxy Enterprise Edition is a complete package of mobile technology and services designed to give you more — more choice, more control and more protection.


Samsung devices are powered by Knox and Android,
providing multiple layers of security to help protect
your business against the latest threats

All Samsung devices exceed the Android Enterprise Recommended security requirements, verified by Google. They also receive regular patches and updates, helping you boost protection and productivity

You can stay in control of all your apps using managed Google Play—and Google Play Protect detects and blocks malware threats, so you can keep all your devices and sensitive data safe.

Independent advisor Gartner found that Android was ahead of competitors across built-in and corporate-managed security. It also awarded Samsung Knox* ‘Strong’ ratings across 27 of 30 categories in its ‘Mobile OS and Device Security’ report

Partnering to Innovate

Our ground-breaking devices can be used across any part of your business to help your people collaborate and maximise productivity.

Centralised Control

With Knox Suite, it’s easy to control your whole fleet of mobile devices remotely. Plus, the Android Enterprise programme allows you to manage your fleet the way you choose, including both personal and corporate devices

Partnering to Innovate

Our ground-breaking devices can be used across any part of your business to help your people collaborate and maximise productivity.

Innovative Products

With a comprehensive range of mobile, tablet, computing and wearable devices, everyone across your business can work seamlessly and drive productivity, from anywhere.

Built-in Wellbeing tools

With so many people working remotely, digital wellbeing is more important than ever. To help, the Android work profile allows you to separate your personal and business-related apps and data into distinct profiles. Plus, with Focus Mode, you can boost productivity by temporarily pausing distracting apps.

Google magic built in

Make the everyday more exciting with our special range of built-in tools. Get to the right answer fast with Google Assistant. Navigate new markets with help from Google Translate. Or work together from anywhere with Google Workspace’s cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools.

Partnering to Deliver Ultimate Connectivity

With Samsung and Android, you’ll have seamless access to all the business tools you need to work and grow.

Seamless connectivity and productivity

Thanks to the open Android OS, Samsung devices can work with a wide range of other devices as well as your existing technology or legacy systems, giving your business more flexibility

Millions of apps

As the world’s largest app store, Google Play gives you access to all the business tools you need, from popular apps such as Microsoft Office and Slack to more specialised and customised apps and even private company apps that only you control and manage.

5G enabled devices

With 5G, you can almost work as fast as you think. What’s more, Android 12 enables 5G network slicing, so you can dedicate 5G connectivity to specific work apps, guaranteeing fast speeds and high security for company data.

Ready to work wonders?

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