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The future is foldable.

The versatility and flexibility you get from foldable devices helps you work more effectively wherever you choose to work. They make it easier to change quickly between tasks and adapt to new ways of doing business.

Being able to switch instantly from a phone to a tabletsized device, or just folding out to a larger screen, helps you multitask on the move with multiple apps at once. And you can see your work or content in all its glory, on a larger display.

Foldable phones are going to be a significant part of the future. In fact, many leading tech firms such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify are optimising their services for foldable devices.

Device Buy Back Scheme

Your old outdated devices may not be suitable for you, but they can still hold a lot of value for someone else. Trading in your devices for either cash or credit is a great way to give back to the environment and society, ensuring your old devices are reused and kept away from landfills. There is someone out there who would love to use your old devices.


Meet our powerful new foldable phones for business

Open up new ways of working by swapping to the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. Slim, stylish and durable, it’s the innovative, powerful, foldable phone that’s fully optimised for business and designed to help you do more. With Gorilla Glass Victus—the toughest Gorilla Glass yet and a step up from the Note’s Gorilla Glass 5—the Galaxy Z Fold3 offers significant improvement in both drop and scratch performance.
Weight - B
Supercharge your productivity
Take multitasking to the next level
Signal - L - Copy
Connect faster than ever.
Work faster with the network of the future.
Hand - C
A new world unfolding for you.
Open yourself up to a new way of doing business.
Battery - G2
More power to you.
Stay in control with a foldable phone that keeps up with you
Secure - B2
Safe and secure.
Stay safe with a super secure work phone.
Z Fold3 - Specs

Supercharge your productivity

Open the phone out and Flex Mode automatically rearranges apps to work in the flexed position—with the action on the top half and controls at the bottom. So, you can see a video call on one half, with the other half free for taking notes. Plus, with the Multi Window feature, you can have multiple apps open—letting you check emails, browse the web and update reports all at once. The Galaxy Z Fold3 is also fully compatible with the S Pen, so taking notes or updating documents is as simple as scribbling on a pad.

Connect faster than ever.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is fully equipped to tap into hyperfast 5G connectivity. That means no more buffering when you’re on video calls with your team—just crisp, clear catchups. And you can say goodbye to painfully slow downloads. You can even share your presentations and other key documents up to 20 times faster.
5G Template For Features

A new world unfolding for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is ultra-thin yet incredibly strong, with cuttingedge displays that unfold to reveal stunning Dynamic AMOLED 2X screens that show your work off in its best light. The hinges are precise for super smooth movement. So, you can open your phone out easily to read reports, check emails, prepare for presentations or join video calls without missing any details.

More power to you.

Keep going throughout the day. With an impressive 4,400mAh battery , the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 has more than enough power to keep up through the busiest workday. And if you do run a little low, 25W Super Fast Charging and 10W Wireless Charging gets you back up to speed quickly. Plus, with Wireless PowerShare, you can even gift some of your charge to a colleague in need of an energy top up.

Safe and secure.

Samsung Knox defence-grade security makes sure your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and all your sensitive data remains completely protected. Plus, with face recognition and the side fingerprint scanner, you can rest assured that only authorised users will be able to access your device.
Z Fold3 - battery

Symec Customisable Dashboards.

Take the guesswork out of device management

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Our flexible reports and dashboards module is smart, powerful, and easy to use. By pulling information from your data connectors, you can create a single canvas, a source of truth, helping you hone in on the metrics that matter.

In a short time, you will collect a range of the most useful reports on your customisable dashboard, giving a fully functioning responsive overview of your fleet in an accessible customisable manner. 

Renting & Leasing Devices

Sometimes buying a whole fleet of new devices isn’t the correct decision at that exact moment, that’s why we offer a range of other solutions ensuring your operations continue to run at maximum efficiency.

For more information on this service and the benefits it can bring to your business, please do not hesitate to contact us on today