Go paperless

Get rid of paper checklists and eliminate problems with storage and laborious record keeping. Verify ensures that all inspection records are safe and secure by automatically saving them to the cloud.

Customize your checks

Create checklist design templates so you won’t have to start from scratch the next time you need one.

Capture the right data

Add powerful multimedia features to your inspection checklist including photo capture, electronic signatures, barcode scanners, and more. Create reusable response sets and custom scoring to capture consistent and accurate data.

Setup checklists in minutes

Our template builder makes it easy to create custom templates

Select from multiple answer types 

Create simple, easy to use and intuitive forms. 

Create sections and pages 

Make your forms easy to use by dividing the questions into sections and pages. 

Schedule and assign checklists  

Use our scheduling tool to easily create checklists schedules and assign them to users.

Easy to use mobile application