Symec are pleased to announce the launch of our Innovation Centre at our office in Emersons Green, Bristol.

Adrian Lawson, Managing Director of Symec, says: “The Innovation Centre is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the most innovative technology in our sector.”

He expands, “We wanted to create a space that embodies what Symec stands for. Our customers can now have hands-on experience with the whole range of products we offer and get a deeper insight into the future of mobile technology.”

Attendees will be able to find out how Symec can connect their workers, workspaces and information to streamline processes. Innovation is at the heart of the experience centre and will enable users to see how Symec use a variety of hardware, software, connectivity and services to creatively solve your business’ problems.

Demonstrations of a range of products including: MISYMEC, Device Angel, Optimise, Symec’s Connected Vehicle solution. Scanning tutorials from our partner Scandit, will also be available to guests.

Many of Symec’s hardware partners including Samsung, Honeywell, Zebra, Panasonic, Epson and Brother will have their products showcased in the Innovation Centre. Members of Symec’s technical team will be available to present the products and how you can get the most out of them.

Visitors will also be able to find out more about Symec’s connectivity partners and how we can utilise their products to improve your business performance.

Symec will be sharing ways to utilise newer technologies, like VR and AR in their work environment. Attendees can learn how to use tools like the VRGO chair and VR headsets can transform training particularly in warehouses.

Simon Wraith, Head of Technical Services at Symec, says: “We are really trying to look to the future in our Innovation Centre. Yes, we have to show you the innovative technology that’s available today and give you a sneak peak of what’s going to be available tomorrow.”

Simon adds, “But, we also really want to show you what we think is coming up the day after tomorrow. That’s the exciting part.”

If you are interested in visiting Symec’s Innovation Centre, or if you would like a demo of a certain product, get in touch with us now.

Stay tuned for more information.