Symec Technologies, a leader in mobile solutions, proudly announces its Android Gold partner program status. This recognition highlights their commitment to delivering advanced mobile solutions to the enterprise sector. As a validated Android Gold partner, Symec Technologies harnesses the power of the Android platform to deploy, manage and secure devices. Their expertise benefits industries like field services, logistics, and retail, optimising workflows and driving efficiency.

This achievement solidifies Symec Technologies’ position as a trusted provider of innovative Android technologies, ensuring businesses thrive in an ever-more mobile world.

We are excited to welcome Symec Technologies to the Android Enterprise Partner Program as a Gold partner. By becoming a Gold partner, Symec has gone above and beyond for their customers, ensuring they receive top-tier customer service, support, and solutions to help them grow their business.”

Ken Schutt

Director of Android Enterprise Partnerships.

The Importance of Google Gold Partnership Status for Large Mobile Device Deployments

As a validated Android Gold partner, Symec gains access to a range of benefits. This distinction assures customers that Symec Technologies can provide expert resources and skilled practitioners in the geographies supported by the Android Gold Partner Program. Additionally, the Gold status serves as recognition of Symec Technologies’ ability to sell, deliver, and support Android solutions on a global scale. It also allows Symec Technologies to showcase Android Solutions to customers at various Android Experience Centres worldwide.

What is Google Partnership platform?

The Google Partnership platform is the new 2023 partnership platform that has been designed to help businesses find trusted partners like Symec Technologies who have expertise and experience in deploying multi-faceted, large scale Android technologies. Customers can rely on the partner’s vetted capabilities and stay updated with the latest Google features. The platform promotes collaboration and training ensuring partners have the required knowledge to build, sell, and support Android Enterprise product(s).

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It's really awesome to see that our team has become a Validated Android Gold partner! I want to say a big thank you to every single person in the Symec team for all their effort and commitment in getting us to this important point. It shows how skilled and dedicated they are in providing excellent mobile solutions to our valued customers. This achievement strengthens our reputation as a trusted provider of cool mobile technologies. I'm so proud of what our team has achieved and I'm excited to see what more we can accomplish in the future!

Simon Wraith

Director of Technology at Symec Technologies.

How do you join Google’s Partnership platform?

To achieve the Android Enterprise Gold badge, Symec Technologies’ engineers, architects, and sales teams have demonstrated extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide range of Android technology, software, and services.

To join Google’s Partnership programme Symec had to meet key performance indicators, performance thresholds, competencies, and customer satisfaction benchmarks set by the Android. This included:

  • Demonstrate success in customer satisfaction by producing case studies and leveraging assets to generate awareness and build brand equity with customers.
  • Have previously deployed large enterprise deployments of over 10,000 devices
  • Training levels to include; 50% of Sales staff to achieve Associate, 50% of Technical staff to achieve Professional, 25% of Technical staff to achieve Expert
Which industries benefit from working with a Gold Partner?

Pretty much every industry would benefit from working with a Validated Gold partner. This includes retail, logistics and supply chain, healthcare, field services, manufacturing, and financial services. Gold Partners provide industry-specific expertise and tailored solutions that enhance operations, improve efficiency, and deliver superior customer experiences.