On Thursday 19 October, Symec hosted their annual Technology Day at Farleigh House, the training ground of Bath Rugby Club.

Despite the early start and bad weather, the event saw the likes of Honeywell, Cisco, NetMotion and SOTI all speak at the event about this year’s chosen theme of “connected businesses”.

Attendees also had opportunities to tour the grounds, learning more about the state of the art facilities that the rugby club use. Jameson Mola, the team’s Performance Scientist, explained how technology is impacting the sport. He explained how data is allowing the team to prepare the players for peak performance and recover from injury quicker.

Alex Whiting, Symec’s Sales Director, said: “Our Tech Day is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to really get to know Symec. They get to meet our partners, meet us and see some great technology – all in the fantastic grounds of Farleigh House.”

“I think the day was a total success. Everyone left the event informed and happy with how the day went – although maybe they were just pleased with the gift bag.” He added.

All of the guests received a bag of hi-tech goodies, enabling them to kick-start their connected business.


Symec’s annual Technology Day also provided the backdrop for the company to officially launch their own product, SYMEC HUB – a centralised management platform for all elements of your connected business. Connected workspaces, information and workers are all critical to the development of businesses that Symec work with and creating a way of managing these issues will increase the efficiency of that business.

Symec also gave details about the Optimise and Device Angel applications that they are launching. Optimise is a device health-checking application that allows users to check the health of the device at the beginning and end of a shift. This ensures the user doesn’t begin work with a faulty device and assists the support desk.

Device Angel is an effective in-application training tool, providing users with on-screen and audible user walk-through guides. It troubleshoots issues in real-time, allowing users to adopt different processes and technology at a faster pace than before.