Everything you need to know about Honeywell printers.

Honeywell has over 100 years of experience within the technology sector, providing essential equipment to the aerospace, commercial, energy, and logistics industries.

This global powerhouse of a technology brand has a robust and advanced printer selection, helping print barcodes in situ or on the move. In the article below, you will be provided with all the information you need to navigate Honeywell’s vast printer collection.

Hopefully, by the end of this, you will be able to make a sound decision when buying a new printer for your workplace, warehouse, store, or colleagues. 

What Printers do Honeywell Offer?

You won’t be provided with an extensive list of information for every Honeywell printer available. In this ultimate guide, we’ll focus on each of Honeywell’s key categories in their printer line-up.

Within each category, we will explain their use cases, their advantages, and some of our favourite printers.  

Mobile Printer@3x
Mobile Printers
Mobile Printer@3x
Desktop Printers
Industrial Printers

We are Honeywell Premium Partners

Thanks to our long term partnership with Honeywell, we are perfectly positioned to help you overcome your logistic challenges. Our close relationship with Honeywell allows us to provide you with competitive pricing, the ability to leverage our close working relationship with Honeywell experts, and the best possible lead times.

Working with Honeywell and Symec will bring you innovative, reliable, and cost-effective products, increasing both productivity and profitability. 

Table of Contents

Honeywell's Major Printer Offering

Mobile Printer@3x

1. Mobile

Designed for mobile workers who need a printer on the move.

Mobile Printer@3x

2. Desktop

Cost efficient printers for every day low-volume usage.


3. Industrial

Durable printers that can deliver around-the-clock performance.

Honeywell Mobile Printers

Perfect for: Rugged and Reliable Receipt and Label Printing

Honeywell mobile printers deliver rugged, dependable receipt and label printing, no matter what environment you’re in. They boast long-lasting battery life and are capable of withstanding the harshest field conditions where dirt, moisture, temperature extremes, and drops are commonplace.

These mobile printers connect to your smartphone, mobile computer, tablet, or any smart mobile device via a serial cable, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. 

Why should I get a Mobile Label Printer?

Increase efficiency, accuracy and your bottom line.

Sick and tired of your colleagues out in the field and their low-battery printer dies on them? Honeywell’s mobile printers provide your colleagues with rugged and reliable wireless printer functions, drastically increasing productivity, accuracy, and precision for tasks like receipt printing, label printing, and item picking. Mobile printers play a critical role within a vast range of industries, printing barcodes, receipts, patient tags, tickets, labels, and more.  Mobile printing solutions are perfect for any task that isn’t tied down to a stationary computer, whether it’s picking on the warehouse floor, out in the sales field, or a courier item pickup. 

Printers are available in a wide variety of sizes, generally found in 2″, 3″, and 4″ variations.


Instore Operations
Promotional Labels


Patient Verification
Specimen Collection
Point of Care
Pharmacy & Lab

Field Services

Label Printing
Point of Sale Printing
Proof of Completion
Citation Printing


Delivery Labelling
Item Pickup
Proof of Delivery


Receiving Logistics
Inventory Management
Cross Docking
Picking Items

Our Favourite Mobile Printer

Honeywell RPf - 2 and 4 Inch Rugged Mobile Printer

The Honeywell RPf portable printers are more rugged and compact than ever before, providing an on-the-go option for colleagues who require either 2 and 4-inch printing. These portable printing solutions are a perfect fit for anyone that works within direct store delivery, field service, T&L, retail, and airline environments.

This printer allows your colleagues to print and apply labels when and where they need. Gone are the days of needing to venture off and find a desktop printer, providing you with huge productivity gains and reducing errors.

With a powerful CPU and smart power management, the RPf printer lets your workers work efficiently,  minimising the need for media reloading, battery swaps, and downtime. As a thermal printer, your colleagues don’t have to worry about ink or toner, and with its IP54 certification it is protected against dust-limited ingress and water splashes, so you know that it will keep working in all conditions.  

Ultra-rugged: survives 2m drops and 1,000 0.5m tumbles, has an IP54

Lightweight, ergonomic design allows workers to carry and operate the printer with ease.

Battery can be swapped without resetting the printer or losing connectivity

Supports labels with/
without a liner; can also
sense gaps between labels
or black marks on the
top or bottom of media

Our Favourite Label Printer:

Honeywell RPf Series Printer

Honeywell Mobile Printer Overview

Honeywell is a worldwide leader in mobile printers, portable printers, and mPOS printer solutions. Their label and recipe printers are among their most popular products, helping thousands of organisations around the world increase productivity and assist with a variety of applications, including receipt printing, parcel pickup, promotional label printing, parking enforcement, field printing, and more.

Mobile printing offers too many benefits and conveniences to pass up. You can boost your team’s effectiveness, reduce costs, improve cybersecurity, and enhance customer relations by adopting mobile print.


Benefits of Mobile Printing

Mobile printing offers significant benefits in terms of productivity. Employees can print anywhere and at any time, giving them a level of flexibility and efficiency that is difficult to match. The warehouse is a fantastic example to showcase the benefits of mobile printing. Instead of your colleagues going out and picking items, only to visit a desktop printer to label the items, they can print as they scan, increasing pick speed and efficiency. Everything can get done in one fell swoop via a mobile device.

Mobile printing can also help boost customer relations and even increase revenue. If your line of work involves a lot of face-to-face customer interactions, portable printing can set you apart from your competition. Traveling mechanics, plumbers or auto-part providers are a perfect example where pairing a mobile printer with a mobile device can give your colleagues the ability to upsell and have a fully functioning mobile point of sale.

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Do you still write out promotional labels or have no way of upselling out in the field? Could a mobile barcode label printing solution reduce the time you spend in these areas? 

Honeywell Desktop Printer

Perfect for: A Wide variety of light-duty label, ticket, and tag printing.

Honeywell desktop barcode printers are well suited for printing a wide range of barcodes, labels, and tags, ranging from economical low-volume needs to industrial-strength printing applications.

Intuitive, flexible, and reliable, Honeywell’s range of desktop printers are the clear choice for companies that need small-scale printing applications.

Why do you Need a Barcode Desktop Printer?

Rapid and Reliable Printing

Desktop printers are the perfect middle ground between mobile and industrial. These are perfect when you need a rapid printing experience that is reliable and affordable. Small, cost-effective, and easy-to-use. Desktop printers tend to be the most economical, and since they are compact, they can easily fit on a desk or counter, making them perfect for a warehouse, office, or retail environment.

Desktop printers are perfect for asset labelling in an office or retail store, however can be applied in a range of applications, as shown below.


Asset Labels
Shelf Labels
Inventory Labels


Pharmacy & Lab
Prescriptions Labels
Lab and Specimen Labels


Label Printing
Receipt Printing



Inventory Management
Packing Slips
Shipping Labels

Our Favourite Desktop Printer

Honeywell PC43 Series - Direct and Thermal Transfer

We have found that the PC43 series is the perfect desktop printer for those that want something that is compact and user friendly all whilst not compromising on print quality and speed. The PC43 series supports a variety of networking methods with multiple options for remote device management.

The PC43 series supports both direct and thermal transfer, providing an added layer of flexibility to your printer portfolio. 

Their low cost and fast operation make the PC43 series printers the smart choice for light-duty applications where users need reliable, easy-to-use printers. Their small size makes them the perfect choice for space-constrained settings.


Ten-language LCD or intuitive icon graphical user interface.

Simple to use and maintain, with easy one-handed media reloading.

Comprehensive printer command language support, including ZSim2, makes upgrading easy.

Flexible, with user-installable connectivity upgrades and accessories.

Our Favourite Desktop Printer:

Honeywell PC43 Series

The Best Honeywell Budget Printer

Honeywell PC42 Desktop Series

The PC42 desktop printer is exceptionally compact and simple to use. It installs quickly and is ready to print. Generally suited more towards the lighter workload, the PC42 is perfect for a variety of industries due to its quiet, reliable operation and intuitive design.

Available in either 12.7 mm (½ in) or 25.4 mm (1 in) ribbon core configurations, the PC42 supports media as wide as 110 mm (4.3 in) and fits right into existing printing environments. The 25.4 mm configuration is compatible with ribbon lengths up to 300 m (984 ft). With support for longer ribbons, downtime is reduced and ribbons can be shared with larger printers to provide increased media flexibility.

The PC42 is a smart solution for small or medium businesses looking to improve productivity in label-making operations, thanks to its affordable price and modern features.

An economical solution for light-duty thermal printing applications.

Supports a wide range of media, 12.7 mm (1/2 in) or 25.4 mm (1 in)

Industry connectivity includes USB host, device, and options for Ethernet, parallel and serial communications.

Easy to use, with a quick-opening design for media replenishment.

Supports ESim (EPL), ZSim (ZPL-II) and Direct Protocol (DP) print languages for maximum compatibility

The best Budget Desktop Printer

Honeywell PC42 Series

Honeywells Desktop Printer Overview

Is a desktop printer the right printer for your business?  It is no coincidence that so many small and medium-size businesses have some form of desktop printer playing a critical role in the day-to-day activity. Desktop printers have a distinct advantages over a traditional printer or mobile and industrial. By utilising a desktop printer, your business eliminates slow print rates of mobile printers and the large expensive of industrial printers – finding a perfect middle ground. And because Honeywell’s printers are easy to update and expand, you can rest easy knowing you’re printing with the most reliable hardware.

Honeywell desktop label printers offer a reliable, easy-to-use and rapid printing solution. 

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How much time does your company spend in receiving, picking, and packing? Could a desktop barcode label printing solution help you increase your efficiency? 

Honeywell Industrial Printers

Perfect for: Heavy Duty, Rapid and Reliable Printing

Honeywell’s industrial label printers offers some of the best performance within the industry. The combination of durability and reliability allows for a seamless error-free labelling solution. Packed with sophisticated networking capabilities, security, RFID and liner-less technology .

If you need a tough, around-the-clock printer, a Honeywell industrial printer can handle any application you throw at it.

Why do you Need a Barcode Industrial Printer?

Increase efficiency, accuracy and your bottom line.

If your operation prints thousands of labels around the clock, you’ll benefit greatly from an industrial label printer. This type of printer has the fastest print per second, achieving speeds of up to 14 inches a second. The build quality of these machines are also the highest, printing on the widest range of media available.

As you can imagine with all of these features, the price point for industrial printers is quite high, easily reaching over £1,000. Industrial printers are really only viable if you meet a couple of these criteria; heavy daily use, printing labels and tickets quickly, a choice of network connections in your organisation, a rugged environment, needing large or odd shaped labels and the need for infrequent media changes.


Product Labels
Industrial-duty printing
Manufacturing and work-in-process


Address & Shipping Labels
Asset Labels
Item Pickup


Receiving Logistics
Inventory Management
Cross Docking
Picking Items

Our Favourite Industrial Printer

Honeywell PM45 Industrial Printer

Honeywell’s PM45 has been designed for smart label applications that can help you increase automation and intelligence in manufacturing and supply chain management – resulting in a high operational efficiency.

The PM45 industrial printer has been designed to help you improve production efficiency and supply chain transparency. Particularly helpful in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution centre management the PM45 offers high-precision and volume printing with track-and-trace functionality.

The PM45 has been built on Honeywell’s print platform and provides you with rapid print speeds of up to 14ipm. Capable of printing high quality barcodes, text, and images on anything from tiny electronic components to pharmaceutical labels. You know that you will receive the very best print quality with the PM45’s print registration of up to +/-0.5 mm.

The PM45 supports a wide range of media, including one-inch ink-in and ink-out ribbons. Minimising downtime and maintenance is made easier with a tough, all-metal print mechanism, an reliable printhead, and tool-free platen roller replacements.


 Honeywell Cyber Security provides security updates throughout the entire lifecycle.

Scalable and upgradable solution

 WWAN connectivity designed for M2M and IoT applications.

Smart printing allows users to configure and print without the need for a host computer.

Our Favourite Industrial Printer:

Honeywell PM45 Printer

The Ultimate Industrial Printer for Massive Print Quantities

PXie Series PXie Industrial Printer - Available in 4 and 6 Inch

Honeywell’s PXie Series of industrial printers have been designed to meet the need of round-the-clock, mission-critical printing. These tough printers are equipped with advanced connectivity and network protocol, providing you with a reliable and scalable solution for the long haul.

The PXie printers deliver outstanding performance – up to 12 inches per second from first label to last.  A key tenant behind the PXie’s design is the reduction of maintenance and downtime costs through incorporating tough, dependable, and long lasting components. Both versions of the PXie series of industrial printers are available with 203 or 300 dpi resolution, and the PX4ie also offers 406 dpi, for precision labelling without any loss of speed.

The PXie Series industrial printers are flexible, compact, and programmable, enabling customers to optimize their printing operations, streamline deployment, and achieve quick return on investment.

The PXie printers’ compact, modular design facilitates integration into automated labeling applications.

Smart Printers doesn’t need a host PC and can control other devices (such as scanners, scales, and applicators)

Can communicate with your printer network allowing for mixed printer environments, supporting fast deployment.

Every printer ships with Ethernet connectivity and network protocol IPv6, ensuring long-term, enterprise scalability. 

Our Favourite Industrial Printer:

PXie Series PX4ie Industrial Printer

Honeywell Desktop Printer Overview

Finding the right industrial printer will assist you with the smooth running of your company. You won’t be weighed down by slow print speeds, unreliable printers and frequent media changes. In fact, it will make it easier for you to optimise your operations, stay on top of labelling, increase productivity and your bottom line.

In smaller operations you may be able to get away with a desktop printer but as soon as you scale up your operations or require specialist labels then an industrial printer may have to be implemented. Honeywell’s industrial label printer family provide error-free labelling, simple programming, advanced networking connectivity and safety, as well as RFID and linerless technology for reliability and durability.

Regardless of whether you need to print light volumes or tough, around-the-clock jobs, Honeywell industrial printers can handle pretty much anything.


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