The storage and accessibility of enterprise mobile devices have an often unrecognised impact on operational efficiencies. If your device mobile storage solution lacks adequate space, security features or a purposeful design, your operations risk increased damages and losses of assets, obstructions to workflows and challenges to overall profits.

Device loss prevention: security
Damage reduction: user accountability
Workforce efficiency: rapid secure access
Increased productivity: ready for use

Intelligent Cabinet Features

Designed and developed with over 15 years of experience, Zebra Intelligent Cabinets offers an adaptable portfolio of end-to-end storage solutions, software automation, security applications, and ongoing support to maximize the use and productivity of your enterprise mobile computers, mobile printers and tablets to help ensure your assets and workflows function in tandem at high performance and optimal security

Make every device ready for optimum
use during every shift without interrupting
• Battery charging
• Faster access and storage
• Ethernet/WiFi/4G connectivity to access
software updates

Save workforce time and overall costs with
Zebra Access Management System™.
• Automate workflows and minimize
worker hours
• Reduce the potential for user errors
• Increase productivity and efficiencies
• Quick secure access to devices at the
start/end of shift

Enable device traceability and controlled
issuing with authorized-only device storage and
enhanced security options.
• Prevent device loss, abuse and damages
• Minimize repairs and replacements
• Increase device cost savings

Enable device traceability and controlled issuing
with Zebra Access Management System™.
• Zebra Signature Services provides
learning services, program management
and deployment services to ensure your
solution is properly tailored to your needs
• Zebra OneCare® offers ongoing
technical support

Ideal Applications.

Ensure that all your devices are ready for optimum use during every shift without interrupting operations.

• E-commerce
• Distribution Centres
• Back of Store

& Logistics

• Postal and courier

• Device fleet management


• Storage and Stocking Area

• Courier and Logistics

• Picking and Packing

• Inventory Management

Products Available.

We can provide a wide range of Zebra’s new modular intelligent cabinet solutions


  • Consolidated access

  • Multiple device configurations


  • Enhanced security options

  • Software-driven security

  • Reduction in device losses and damages

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Battery charge status

  • Optimized workflows with quick access to devices

Cradle Lock

  • Mechanical locking for security, accountability

  • Software-driven security

  • Reduction in device losses and damages

  • Battery charge status

  • Compatible with Zebra Intelligent Racks and Cabinets


  • Customer specific use cases and projects

  • Tailored solutions based on customers’ requirements

  • Accelerates workflow automation & efficiencies

  • Primary use cases in Warehouse/Distribution

  • Proven track record for over 15 years

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