Did you know over 40 million tonnes of electronic waste is thrown out every year? That is the equivalent of 800 laptops every second. Many of these devices are not dead – 52% of IT decision-makers say tablets and laptops are replaced according to expected lifecycles rather than when the devices stop working. In an era of conscious consumerism and green goals, how are enterprises still leading the way in creating e-waste year after year?

Read on to find out how Symec and SOTI can help with this challenge.

“Many devices are discarded due to a cycle of behaviour in an organisation and cyclical budget allocation. Today, devices are used to attract talent and devices are crucial to team productivity. However, these are often discarded and replaced without considering battery replacements, the removal of applications or straightforward software updates, as an example,”

SOTI's Commitment to Zero Waste

SOTI’s most recent global industry report, Reduce Reuse Rethink: From Discard Mentality to Tech Sustainability, helps partners and customers understand the growing issue of e-waste within enterprises globally and how much IT Managers lean towards a discard mentality.

According to SOTI research the following are disposed of unnecessarily:

  • 55% of printers
  • 60% of rugged handhelds (including scanners and barcode readers)
  • 64% of laptops
  • 65% of tablets
  • 68% of wearables
  • 69% of mobile phones


"Along with providing this great insight into market behaviours and raising awareness for the partner community, SOTI developed SOTI XSight, the latest addition to the SOTI ONE Platform, which enables organisations and partners to access better device usage analytics. Providing deeper insights on where devices are failing and the ability to better analyse battery health and other diagnostics remotely prevents the unnecessary disposal of devices before the end of their actual lifecycle “Such is the need to boast the most modern, advanced, and ingenious technologies, which is veering IT decision-makers away from device preservation and towards premature replacement,”

How Symec are Contributing to a Zero Waste Society

Alongside the reduction of e-waste, SOTI Platinum Partner Symec helps businesses across the UK minimise post-pandemic upfront investment challenges by offering certified, refurbished devices. The devices offer high-quality mobile tools for a range of tasks without the brand-new hardware costs.

“Device replacement can be driven by the need to upgrade due to a change in hardware requirements or more recently a change in the role the original device was purchased for. The more diverse roles become in the market, the more diverse the needs of the hardware and software mix,”

Unlike mobile phones, the refurbished hardware has a rigorous process to restore performance and appearance. It is tested and certified to meet the high expectations of Symec customers. Simon Wraith adds…

"Some customers opt for refurbished devices for temporary roles or periods where they need to upgrade a few devices but would like to wait until the end of other contracts before they can upgrade an entire estate. There are many different scenarios where the refurb option helps deliver maximum performance but also helps the environment and offsets carbon emissions,"

Unlike mobile phones, the refurbished hardware has a rigorous process to restore performance and appearance. It is tested and certified to meet the high expectations of Symec customers.

Did you know – the Symec refurb device check covers:

  1. A 100-point certification check
  2. Customers can choose devices with a brand-new appearance (Grade A) or with no/minor signs of usage (Grade B).
  3. All devices come with a 90-day warranty.

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